Increase yields locally, secure food globally

Achieving global food security has been high on the political agenda for years. It was included in the first of eight UN Millennium Development Goals “to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” and it is now also included in the second of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” by 2030.  

According to an FAO report, food production will need to increase with 70% to achieve this goal. Apart from merely looking to increase agricultural production, the focus should also be on reducing environmental impacts, impacts of climate change, spikes in food prices, and production cost. In other words, sustainable agriculture will be key.

 This requires global, independent, timely and qualitative information and monitoring. With a variety of services in agricultural monitoring, VITO Remote Sensing supports both public and private organizations to take informed decisions.

  • Multi-scale approaches integrate data and observations from various platforms
  • Concensus of evidence approaches, built on the information coming from different independent sources
  • Web-based interface to access, manipulate and share your data
  • From ready-made services to tailor-made solutions

Applications in Remote sensing in agriculture

Agriculture at a global scale is changing. The demand for agricultural land and products increases due to global population growth, changing dietary habits and economic globalization. 

Track the performance of trial plots, multiplication and production fields or orchards with great precision thanks to remote sensing technology. 

Agriculture has the potential of generating huge returns after a very short time, as long as no major problems occur. That’s why farmers take up insurance to safeguard their investments in increasing numbers.

Technology and Data Products & Services Used

  • EO Data made easily accessible
  • Remote sensing for digital signal and image processing
  • The image processing chain
  • Continuously improving image quality


Remote sensing generates enormous amounts of data. However, further image processing is needed to unlock the insights within.