Easy to use data and viewing platforms providing better insights

ADaM & PreciLa aims to bring Precision Agriculture (PreciLa) to farmers in Flanders and the Netherlands through improved Agri-Data Management (ADaM), technological innovations, and practical demonstrations. The focus is on fruit growing and arable farming.

Various applications such as variable fertilization and growth management, smart irrigation, and variable seeding and planting are being tested to generate and translate raw data into practical advice, providing better insight into the costs and benefits of precision agriculture.

For instance, by utilizing data collected from soil moisture sensors, soil scans, drone, and satellite imagery, separately controllable irrigation blocks can be installed to achieve smart irrigation.
To manage the data generated from various precision techniques, the project strives for optimally connected data platforms. This allows the farmer and their advisor to have all the information in one place, enabling them to compare and combine information from different sources to create task maps for variable farming practices. We want to achieve this by expanding the platforms of the project partners and sharing data in a standardised way with various data providers and buyers. Existing ambiguities about the technical aspects of precision agriculture such as the required level of precision will be solved.
Finally, growers need a clear understanding of the associated investment and operating costs compared to the potential additional yield and the value of the data generated (i.e. an economic evaluation) to bring precision agriculture into practice.