Online tool to monitor and improve your potato crops

The ​Belgian potato processing industry is one of the biggest exporter of frozen potato products in the world preceding the Netherlands, Canada and the United States. To safeguard this position and allow the industry to grow, they need to be able to increase potato yields in a sustainable way. 

WathITgrow is an online platform for the Belgian potato sector to monitor and increase potato yields in a sustainable way. watchITgrow allows potato growers, traders and processors to access data and information on the growth of their potato crops.

WatchITgrow is the first platform to combine several types of data. Through the combination of satellite and drone images, weather and soil data and yield prediction models, the potato sector can consult, in a quick and efficient way, the correct information on one or multiple potato fields.

By using watchITgrow, you are able to:

  • access more and more accurate information on the state of the crop
  • better monitor the potato crop in function of growth, health status and development
  • improve yields and estimate the harvest date and yields during the season
  • map spatial variability within the field
  • reduce production and quality losses

WatchITgrow is a beautiful example of how research can be turned into a user-friendly platform to support the industry.

WatchITgrow is developed in 2017 after 3 years of scientific research under the name ‘iPot'. With this project, financed by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO), the Belgian potato traders and processors, represented by Belgapom, together with  CRA-w, ULg and VITO Remote Sensing want to put their effort towards a sustainable growth of the Belgian potato production.