(Un)manned data collection from the sky

VITO supports airborne remote sensing surveys from start to finish. Tailored specifically to your needs. Large or small areas? Light or heavyweight equipment? We help you find the ideal solution.

Manned airborne surveys are the ideal solution for larger areas where air traffic control is strict, or when heavier instruments are required.
To succeed, you need a range of different instruments and operators.

VITO takes care of all aspects of your airborne project, including:

  • user requirements
  • organizational requirements
  • flight preparation & execution
  • quality assurance

Do you want data on a local scale? VITO Remote Sensing operates different types and sizes of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The RPAS are commercial systems designed to carry imaging sensors, such as:

  • RGB imagers
  • video imagers
  • thermal imagers
  • multi- and hyperspectral imagers
  • non-imaging sensors
    for air quality, humidity, light intensity…