EuropaBON is looking for stakeholders (individuals or organizations) who help to design a Biodiversity Observation Network.
A first EuropaBON stakeholder workshop will be held online on May 26-28th 2021.
Join us and become a EuropaBON stakeholder!

About EuropaBON

Biodiversity observations are key to understand trends and drivers of biodiversity change and their impact on ecosystem services - and ultimately on humans. Nevertheless there continues to be limited availability of harmonized, long-term, spatially explicit and regularly updated biodiversity data on the EU-scale.
EuropaBON aims to bridge numerous gaps in biodiversity monitoring by engaging stakeholders to

  • identify user and policy needs for biodiversity monitoring;
  • assess current monitoring efforts to identify gaps, data and workflow bottlenecks;
  • analyse cost-effectiveness of different monitoring schemes;
  • co-design improved monitoring schemes that combine conventional and novel technologies to become more representative temporally, spatially and taxonomically; and
  • investigate the feasibility of setting up a centre to coordinate biodiversity monitoring across Europe.
What's in it for you?
  • connection and active collaboration with other members across the EuropaBON network and thus a wider biodiversity community;
  • knowledge exchange
  • regular information on project progress, upcoming events and outcomes;
  • participation in open workshops; and
  • a more active engagement in the various project activities
More about EuropaBON & VITO Remote Sensing

As mentioned in an earlier news item, VITO Remote Sensing is one of the 14 EuropaBON partners. We’re responsible to bring Copernicus and other remote sensed data streams into the workflows to develop a novel monitoring system.