I have a background in (nuclear) physics acquired during my PhD and postdoctoral activities at the KULeuven (Belgium) during which I have developed an innovative instrument at the ISOLDE/CERN facility in Geneva. I joined VITO Remote sensing in 2005 to tackle the challenge of developing the lightweight high resolution MEDUSA camera for a solar-powered HALE UAV flying in the stratosphere, first as a system engineer later as project manager. 

The 5 last years have been focused on the development of compact hyperspectral imaging solutions for remotely piloted aircraft systems and small satellites. We combined our end-end knowledge of all aspects of the remote sensing process  by defining a new camera concept with a dedicated and unique processing approach to create information maps from the raw camera image data. While it started off initially in an R&D context we converged to solutions ready for the market. With our new hyperspectral imaging solutions we pave the way towards a more efficient and cost effective operations in precision agriculture and environmental monitoring. Pushing the limits of technology to open new application opportunities is the mission I working on as project manager on a daily basis.