Erwin Goor obtained a Master’s degree of Applied Science and Engineering - Computer Science – Applied Mathematics at the KU Leuven in Belgium. Following a career as an R&D team leader at Siemens Telecom and Nokia Siemens Networks, he joined VITO Remote Sensing as a researcher and project manager back in 2007.

It’s fascinating to be involved in the ongoing (r)evolution in Earth Observation R&D activities concerning advanced Computer Science technologies and experts.

Today, Erwin works as a project manager and business developer with a focus on Data Distribution and Exploitation. His current R&D topics include data exploitation platforms, on-demand processing of large amounts of data on scalable cloud-based platforms, and information dashboards. He’s also involved in several European Commission and Europan Space Agency sponsored projects, such as the Proba-V Mission Exploitation Platform (ESA) and NextGEOSS (EC).