Erwin Wolters graduated as a meteorologist from Wageningen University in 1999. After working as a software developer, he became a forecaster at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in 2002. From 2004 onwards, he became very much involved with satellite remote sensing. He validated cloud thermodynamic phase and precipitation amount derived from Meteosat-SEVIRI observations within EUMETSAT’s Climate Monitoring Satellite Application Facility and ESA’s Water Cycle Multi-Mission Observation Strategy.

The better we know our atmosphere, the better we know our surface.

After obtaining a Ph.D. from Utrecht University in 2012, Erwin worked at HKV Consultants on remote sensing products and services tailored for water management. Since 2014 he has been working with VITO on scientific research, user communication (both technical and popular), and promotion of PROBA-V. His current responsibilities include the validation and testing of aerosol retrieval methods, PROBA-V user communication, and the PROBA-V Quality Information Webpage maintenance.