Mehrdad Moshtaghi graduated from University of Tehran in field of water management M.Sc. He worked in TU Delft in Hydrology department for a year and there he found his journey into remote sensing. During the past few years he gained experience on Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and became InSAR engineer responsible for over 100 projects over the world.

An earth observation application which works regardless of clouds, darkness and fog, is a sustainable fuel for sustainable development.

Mehrdad joined the VITO remote sensing application team in 2019 as a Copernicus scientist. He develops applications from SAR data in domains of oil spill detection, agricultural remote sensing, subsidence, monitoring natural hazards and Interferometric coherence change detection. He also contributes in water and coast department through developing algorithms for plastic detection in rivers and ports using hyperspectral radiometer with spectral range from ultraviolet to shortwave infrared.