Make sure you can depend on your data

You depend on the quality of the data that feeds your information products. To assure optimal results, VITO Remote Sensing offers two types of quality assurance service.

Quality assessment: data validation

To help you use and interpret the information products, our dedicated validation team thoroughly checks the product’s thematic quality. They carry out a scientific quality assessment, comparing data sets with in situ data, modelled data and other EO data sets.

  • product completeness
  • global accuracy
  • temporal realism
  • stability over time and space
  • consistency among data sets
Quality monitoring for product and image

To ensure the delivery of stable, reliable and consistent data, VITO Remote Sensing helps maintain the level of quality throughout the mission. Operators of the Product Quality Center perform a daily visual checks to detect any anomalies in time. Our Image Quality Center, on the other hand, monitors instrument calibration parameters and performance.

  • per product quality monitoring
  • cross-product consistency
  • instrument and calibration performance

Today, the PROBA-V, Copernicus Services and the EUMETSAT Land Surface Facility already count on our services.