Unlocking insights from start to finish

Before information finds its way to the user, the image data undergoes a series of calibration, correction and analysis algorithms. Our team is experienced in every step of this workflow, for a wide variety of use cases.

Our tailor-made algorithms help provide the answer to your specific information need. Follow our image processing workflow from start to finish

  • Calibration
    Accurate models of the EO platform and sensors define how to correlate raw measurements to physical locations. Calibration ensures that the processing workflow uses the correct parameters during correction.
  • Correction
    The measurements of the sensor are translated into georeferenced and radiometrically meaningful images. Where needed, we apply block bundle adjustment.
  • Mosaics
    We compile the separate images into a complete map of the region. Consistency corrections then smoothen radiometric variations.
  • Applications
    The data is ready to be used in a wide variety of applications. VITO Remote Sensing helps you determine and develop the right solution for your remote sensing mission.