A new way to look at things

Monitoring the health of your crops from way above? Hyperspectral imaging by VITO has produced terabytes of spectral data for agricultural, limnologic and evironmental research. We design every aspect of your hyperspectral earth observation mission:

  • Optimal sensors
  • Right platform
  • Automated processing chain

Backed by years of experience, VITO Remote Sensing has developed hyperspectral cameras and processing chains specifically designed for lightweight UAVs. Raw data is processed into ready-to-use hyperspectral maps by combining high spectral and high spatial resolutions into Linear Variable Filter-based images.

APEX is a push-broom imaging spectrometer that covers solar reflected waves between 380 nm and 2500 nm in the nominal 310 (max 510) spectral band. APEX is calibrated using a combination of laboratory, in-flight and vicarious calibration approaches.