Fly light with VITO’s hyperspectral imaging solutions

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) – or drones – offer high spatial resolution, a high revisit rate, cost-efficient operations and can serve a large variety of commercial applications. But instrumentation needs to be extremely light, compact and efficient.

At VITO Remote Sensing, we develop low-mass hyperspectral imaging solutions that offer a clear advantage by combining high spatial and high spectral resolutions into a cost-effective system:

  • COSI-cam
    Prototype that employs linear variable thin-film filters.
  • ButterflEYE-LS
    Linear Variable Filter (LVF) based hyperspectral camera that includes our proprietary software. Currently commercialized by Cubert.
  • CHiRHY
    12 Mpixel geospectral camera that combines both panchromatic and hyperspectral images.

To bring UAV’s many possibilities to the market, we also developed a dedicated processing chain. Our proprietary software transforms raw data into ready to use hyperspectral map products. 

Acquire, process, interpret and act in the blink of an eye with VITO Remote Sensing’s lightweight hyperspectral imaging solutions.