Map and monitor with high-altitude solar drones

Remote sensing on a regional scale with High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (HALE UAV) combines the flexibility of aircraft with the endurance of satellites. HALE UAVs can go up to the stratosphere and stay there thanks to thin film solar panels.

Flying high and watching from above – way above – imposes extreme mass constraints on HALE UAVs. Thankfully, VITO Remote Sensing has developed a reliable lightweight solution: MEDUSA.

MEDUSA’s eye in the sky

The MEDUSA FM is a HALE UAV-compatible imaging solution that is used for regional mapping and disaster monitoring. MEDUSA FM has passed all environmental tests with flying colors and is ready for take-off.

Need a situational overview in a hurry? MEDUSA’s near-realtime image stitching provides a sharp live feed instantly. For less urgent applications, geometrically precise images can be created offline, in post-processing.

The hyperspectral version of the MEDUSA camera: MEDUSA HYP enables the collection of hyperspectral data on a regional scale.