H2020 Water-ForCE objectives

End of January, the Water-ForCE project (Water scenarios For Copernicus Exploitation)  kicked off.

The overarching objective of the Water-ForCE project is to develop a Roadmap for the water component for the future Copernicus services and to deliver clarity in terms of the needs and expectations of the public and private sectors of the core Copernicus Program and the wider research and business innovation opportunities.

The Water-ForCE consortium is coordinated by Prof. Tiit Kutser (University of Tartu, Estonia) and consists of 20 European partners. It will bring together experts on water quality and quantity, in policy, research, engineering and service sectors
This will include Copernicus Services and Networks, ESA, H2020 projects and international organisations as wel as public and private research.




The WaterForCE team will deliver:

  • A Roadmap for the water component of the future Copernicus services

  • Technical requirements for future Copernicus missions to fulfil better inland and coastal water related needs (e.g. optical configuration of Sentinel-2E and onward, CHIME hyperspectral sensor and onward)

  • Enlarged service portfolio, containing higher level biogeochemical products, and improved performance of the current products (including atmospheric correction)

  • Closer cooperation between remote sensing, in situ and modelling communities in order to build an optimal network that provides necessary information about inland and coastal waters to policy makers, managers, researchers and general public.

Together with the University of Tartu, VITO will co-lead the work package on 'Water quality continuum' to provide water quality (including atmospheric correction) related input for the Water-ForCe Roadmap shaping the water component for the future Copernicus services.