About VITO Remote Sensing

The big picture. It’s vitally important. VITO Remote Sensing works alongside you to meet your unique needs for qualified data, comprehensive results and insightful interpretations.

Turning earth observation data into practical answers

Seeing is believing. But do you know what you’re seeing? Do you understand what the data is telling you? Or what it’s failing to capture? VITO Remote Sensing has expertise in satellite imagery, spatial resolution and geo intelligence. We work alongside you to ensure your unique research needs are met with qualified data, comprehensive results and insightful interpretations. 

Offering you a geo-intelligent world

The world of geo intelligence offers you an incredibly broad range of applications. This makes it difficult to know exactly which approach is most suited to meet your needs. But with VITO Remote Sensing, you work with experts who understand the possibilities and benefits of the different approaches. They build on this expertise by developing insight into your specific needs. The result? They ensure that you work with the very best methods, processes and analyses.

A passionate team eager to provide the insights you need

At VITO Remote Sensing, science is not a task, it’s a thrill. We want our customers to feel that passion in every interaction. With an amazing team of experts specialized in image processing and fascinated by end-to-end earth observation services, we provide the insights you need.

Steven Krekels - Valorisation Director VITO Environmental Intelligence

The best possible images. The most accurate analyses. And a partner with years of experience and the insight needed to work alongside you as a partner at every step of the way. We support you in your geo intelligence projects.


See the bigger picture

The big picture? It’s about more than satellite imagery. It’s about what these images tell you. And in knowing how, where and when to respond. VITO Remote Sensing provides you with the highly accurate satellite images as well as qualified data and interpretations to move you forward and achieve a sustainable world.