What remote sensing can do for you
Many companies can benefit from geo data and insights. But with variable needs and information, different industries call for different applications of remote sensing technology. During years of global public research, our engineering staff has built the expertise required to find the right approach for every need – whatever the subject.
From user needs to Earth observation technology
From distant satellites to buzzing drones, VITO Remote Sensing enables you to use technology you could’ve only dreamed of before. Starting from your needs, we develop the right sensor and choose the matching instrument to get your project underway.
End-to-end Earth observation support
The equipment we use is just the beginning of the story. With a wide range of end-to-end products and services, our passionate people turn powerful technology into meaningful help.
A reliable partner in a global network

VITO Remote Sensing doesn’t only observe the world, it’s also very much a part of it. From China to Africa, our sizeable team serves an expansive network of customers and partners


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