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For many, state-of-the-art technology may come at a risk – whether it’s because of the required investment or unforeseen intricacies. Our expert staff seemingly strips remote sensing of its complexity, so you can get the insights you need – without the hassle.

From user need to Earth Observation technology

From distant satellites to buzzing drones, VITO Remote Sensing enables you to use technology you could’ve only dreamed of before. Starting from your needs, we develop the right sensor and choose the matching instrument to get your project underway.

  • Multi- & hyperspectral solutions
  • Lightweight compact sensor development
  • Mission and instrument design

End-to-end Earth Observation support

The equipment we use is just the beginning of the story. With a wide range of end-to-end products and services, our passionate people turn powerful technology into meaningful help.

  • Value added services and information products
    image analysis, actionable maps, application software, global to local
  • Image processing services
    calibration, validation, data fusion and dissemination
  • Raw data
    current and historic data, images, virtual research environment

Trust every image, get every insight

Remote sensing has the potential to inspire high level decisions, urging us to leave as little room for error as possible. With a myriad of calibration and correction measures, we constantly seek to attain the highest levels of image quality – for more reliable data and better insights.

  • Geometric, atmospheric & radiometric correction
  • Sensor calibration
  • Product quality control
  • Inter mission consistency

What remote
sensing can do
for you

Many companies can benefit from geo data and insights. But with variable needs and information, different industries call for different applications of remote sensing technology. During years of global public research, our engineering staff has built the expertise required to find the right approach for every need – whatever the subject.

Understand our planet and our impact

How much pressure does our planet endure and how can we minimize it? Our products and services help both governmental and non-governmental bodies to monitor ecosystems and climate variables.

Download the Land Use leaflet

Keep an eye on the water, and everything around

Because of their dynamic nature, water bodies and coasts require close and constant surveillance. Our operational services help monitor water quality and coastal vegetation and provide vital dredging support, while our historic data lets you spot important trends and long-term changes.

Download the Water & Coast leaflet

Increase yields locally, secure food globally

Few challenges are as critical to mankind as food security. On a local level, agriculture needs to become ever more efficient to satisfy increasing demand with decreasing space. On a global level, crop prices need to maintain a sustainable level, making sure food is available for all. Our services include crop monitoring, yield forecasting and more, helping both companies and governments to make their contribution to better food security.

Download the Agriculture leaflet

Know how to act, when to act

Situational awareness is key in the first moments following any dramatic event. With a quick deployment of the right imaging device and hands-on processing, we help governments and others take the right decisions – fast.

See what’s there, know what’s changed

Whether you’re looking at road construction, cable networks or wind farms – charting the state of your infrastructure is vital. This also means keeping track of any significant changes that occurred. With our specialized software, algorithms and workflows, you can see what’s changed ánd what’s bound to change.

Monitor climate, change the Earth

Remote sensing is thé tool to monitor the driving forces of climate change, arguably the largest and most challenging problem our society is facing. Additionally, remote sensing serves to monitor the effects of climate change, e.g. changes in land cover and land use. These effects can be monitored at global scale, applying satellite imagery with low spatial resolution but delivering daily global coverage, but also at local scale, for instance to map the impact of extreme weather on agriculture.

A reliable
in a global

VITO Remote Sensing doesn’t only observe the world, it’s also very much a part of it. From China to Africa, our sizeable team serves an expansive network of customers and partners

  • image processing services for
    public & industry projects

  • active in more than 115 countries
    over the world

  • more than 80 national &
    international partners

  • a team of 90 employees
    and counting

  • 2.6 petabytes
    of data

  • an independent research
    and technology leader

  • Member of

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