Paving the way towards digitalization: enabling Agroecology for European farming systems

We are proud to announce the PATH2DEA project's official kick-off. The project is financed under the HORIZON-CL3-2021-FARM2FORK-01-03 programme focusing on digitalization as an enabler of agroecological farming systems.

While there are extensive portfolios of digital tools and technologies available for use in agroecological farming, they are not widely put into use. On the other hand, there are also strong user-driven EU initiatives, networks and research projects focusing on agroecology in different pedo-climatic settings, which are insufficiently connected with a solid knowledge base on relevant digital technologies that align with agroecology.

PATH2DEA is set out to foster connectivity among these isolated, major assets in digital agroecology, basically presented by

  • available digital tools and technologies for use in agriculture
  • farmers' (traditional) knowledge
  • relevant expertise in science and technology

This will be achieved through the strategic engagement of multiple actors, specifically users that are pioneering digital agroecology applications on farming systems across Europe, located in different pedo-climatic regions.


The role of VITO will be mainly focused on mapping existing and potential upcoming agroecological tools/technologies and procedures/solutions. It will therefore rely on it's strong network with technology/service providers, digital-techology-related project consortia, tech-minded farmers and drone-associations. 
VITO's WatchITgrow and MAPEO platforms will be put available for the agro-ecological community. As such, satellite and drone-based information will become accessible for use in agroecology in an easy to access and user-friendly way.

The PATH2DEA project is led by AIT (Austria), together with LEITAT (Spain), AEEU (Belgium), ELGO (Greece), FiBL (Belgium), INAGRO (Belgium), ISARA (France), LWE (Spain), SSSA (Italy), SP (The Netherlands), South Pole Group UK Ltd (United Kingdom), CO2LOGIC (Belgium), UHOH (Germany), VGV (France), VITO (Belgium), OMKI (Hungary), WUR (The Netherlands), AEDIT (Italy), UAL (Spain), COEXPHAL (Spain) and FCAC (Spain).