Highly valuable for global vegetation, climate & agriculture monitoring

Every day, VITO Remote Sensing processes a wide range of satellite images, ranging from low to very high resolution optical missions, all with their own specifications.

For daily global vegetation monitoring, the Project for On-Board Autonomy-Vegetation (PROBA-V) – ESA’s miniature satellite – has been developed and built by a Belgian consortium. This mission continues the SPOT-VEGETATION mission with improved resolution. VITO Remote Sensing is in charge of the payload data ground segment i.e. the daily image processing.

The PROBA-V mission has been extended to October 2019, which is 6 months beyond the satellite’s initial expected lifetime.

  • RAW data is processed up to application ready data
    distributed via a number of user-friendly interfaces
  • in house processing and quality check of the data
    run onto the VITO Remote Sensing private cloud infrastructure
  • highly valuable
    for global environmental and agriculture monitoring, climate change…

We currently host the entire SPOT-VEGETATION time series from 1998 to 2014 (end of mission) and continue the series every day using the PROBA-V data, creating a global environment and agriculture archive.

Alongside the Vegetation time series, VITO Remote Sensing is also systematically processing other low resolution data from satellites such as METOP-AVHRR.