High quality (non-)imaging data

To collect data on a local scale, we operate different types and sizes of drones or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to monitor:

  • environment
    biodiversity, forestry…
  • agriculture
    crop growth/health
  • infrastructure
  • cultural heritage
  • security and disaster management
    data transmission and pre-processing performed in near real-time

The drones are commercial off-the-shelf systems designed to carry both commercial and in-house developed imaging sensors, including RGB, video, thermal,
multi- and hyperspectral imagers, but also non-imaging sensors
for air quality, humidity, light intensity…

To provide you with high quality data in the format you require, we integrate the different sub-elements (GPS, Inertial Measurement Unit, datalink, data storage…) into a complete synchronized system.

Our team has performed over 160 flights in 2016, both in Belgium and abroad.

Our clients and partners are:

  • research institutes and universities
  • private industry
  • governmental agencies
  • municipalities
  • European Institutions such as the European Union and the European Space Agency
  • farmers