Datasets and products for a broad range of applications

Ever since the emergence of the drone technology, VITO Remote Sensing has been actively involved in the integration and operation of UAV systems for aerial remote sensing and mapping.

Numerous datasets originating from multispectral and hyperspectral sensors have been acquired to support the research teams, serving a broad range of applications:

  • agriculture & horticulture
    crop monitoring, orchard monitoring, yield estimates, drought monitoring
  • water quality monitoring
    chlorophyll and total suspended matter concentrations
  • forestry
    tree species, timber volume, disease detection, deforestation
  • 3D mapping
    bridges, buildings, volume estimation
  • wind blade inspection
    wind erosion, crack detection

The drone datasets in the data center archive typically contain the following data streams:

  • raw image data
  • platform position and orientation data
  • sensor calibration data
  • data collected on ground
    e.g. originating from geometrical or spectral Ground Control Points (GCPs)

After applying dedicated processing algorithms, different types of value added photogrammetric products become available to you:

  • orthomosaics
  • digital elevation models
  • digital 2D / 3D maps