Monitoring marine plastic accumulation zones in Vietnam

The AIDMAP project (Artificial Intelligence and drones supporting the detection and mapping of floating aquatic plastic litter) has been kicked off in September 2020. 
We're glad to announce that the first drone flights in Thanh Hoa and Nam Dinh provinces in Vietnam has been done by the Vietnam Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (VIGAC).

At VITO Remote Sensing, we will use these images for detection and quantification of marine plastics through deep learning algorithms. Moreover, drone images are playing a role as ground truth for processing of high resolution satellite images.




AIDMAP is funded by European Space Agency (ESA) and it's one of the projects to tackle marine plastics globally through the Open Space Innovation Platform (OSIP) and IOCCG task force.
The project is led by VITO Remote Sensing and is a collaboration with VIGAC (Vietnam Institute of Geodesy and Cartography) and the University of Oldenburg.