Nieuwsbericht 13 May 2020

Member of ESA's Network of Resources

Easily order data, infrastructure and services in a uniform way

We are pleased to inform you that VITO Remote Sensing is now member of ESA’s Network of Resources (NoR). The Network of Resources promotes the use of European Resource and Platform Services to facilitate simplified and efficient exploitation of EO data in cloud environments.

Combining exploitation and processing platforms, the NoR will support users in procuring services and outsourcing requirements while increasing integration of EO data and information for broader scientific, social, and economic purposes.

Users can now easily browse and order our data, infrastructure and web services in a uniform way next to other providers in Europe.

Within the Network of Resources we provide:

  • Use our Hadoop processing environment to upscale large datasets and make large processing jobs more efficient
  • Use our OpenStack private cloud environment, to request and use a virtual research environment 
  • Order shared block storage for your monthly virtual machines 
  • Long Term Tape Storage provides additional storage on tape connected to the VITO platform

Click here to find out more or place your order.

Users can also apply for ESA funding on this portal to get their infrastructure and services funded. For more information about this network, services and service providers, please visit the Network of Resources website, use the CloudEO helpdesk or contact the NoR team.