Bart Deronde

Head of Applications

A geographer at heart, Bart Deronde discovered through his studies that remote sensing is thé ultimate tool for monitoring the physical environment. In his PhD thesis, Bart investigated the use of airborne hyperspectral remote sensing & LiDAR for beach morphodynamics. As well as further developing experience in this area, Bart gained expertise in the use of air- and spaceborne remote sensing for vegetation mapping.


Start exploring remote sensing data for your business or institution. There is a value in this beautiful data for everybody!

Since 2005 Bart combined scientific work with project management and team coordination. In autumn 2008 he joined the management team of the remote sensing unit at VITO, first as team leader of the satellite operations (SPOT-VEGETATION & PROBA-V), and since August 2015 as programme manager and team leader of the Remote Sensing Applications team. This team develops a wide variety of remote sensing applications ranging from commercial services to the agriculture sector, to climate-impact monitoring for institutional users and a range of drone-based very high resolution products & services.