Dr. Iskander  Benhadj received his PhD in Ocean, Atmosphere and Continental Areas from University Paul Sabatier Toulouse France, in 2008. During his doctorate, he developed a sustainable solution for monitoring irrigation in central Morroco using remote sensing data combined with agrometeorological models.

Remote Sensing is a joystick to reveal the invisible, use it at your own risk!

Iskander joined VITO in 2008. He led the Processing Facility Chain of the ESA PROBA-V satellite and was responsible for defining the Level 0 to Level 2/Level 3 processing methods and algorithms. In 2013, he took part in the PROBA-V commissioning phase, planning and executing the PROBA-V in-orbit commissioning activities. He then led the PROBA-V in-flight Geometric Calibration/Validation, defining calibration methods and coordinating the geometric calibration team. In 2015, Iskander was involved in designing innovative algorithms for Hypercube’s on-board hyperspectral data processing.