Jeroen obtained a Master’s and PhD degree of Bioscience Engineering at KULeuven in 2012 and 2019 respectively, and is particularly skilled in using remote sensing, GIS and spatial modelling as tools to better understand, monitor and manage our world’s ecosystems. During his doctoral research, he combined airborne hyperspectral and LiDAR data to characterize urban environments, with a specific focus towards urban green monitoring in support of urban ecosystem service assessment.

Every day, we are bringing remote sensing closer down to Earth!

Seeing the huge potential of remote sensing technology to deliver accurate spatial information, but at the same time noticing the lag with which this information is getting implemented in practice, Jeroen joined VITO Remote Sensing with the sole mission of developing useful products and applications for land managers and industry. Currently, he is part of the agricultural applications team, focusing on irrigation mapping, crop classification and crop phenotyping using a large variety of satellite, airborne and UAV platforms.