Jeroen joined VITO in 2012 to help facilitate access to petabyte-scale remote sensing data sets. The project resulted in a cloud-based platform that now serves as a programming environment for researchers. Additionally, he is trying to unlock the potential of these datasets by integrating them into end-users applications, such as a mobile application for monitoring potato fields.

Making complex things look simple is quite complex.

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Applied Sciences in the field of Computer Science at KU Leuven, Jeroen stayed in Leuven for 4.5 years to work as a Software Engineer. His first job at Eyetronics included working on an image processing application for 3D scanners. Afterwards, he joined Luciad to work on their high performance situational awareness and visualization software library.

On a daily basis, Jeroen works with his team on the integration of state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms into end-user applications. He loves to work with open data, open standards and open source software wherever possible.