Kristof Van Tricht attained his Master’s degree by investigating the use of space-based hyperspectral images for the detection of invasive tree species. He followed it up with a PhD in Sciences (Geography), studying regional climates with a focus on the use of CloudSat radar and CALIPSO lidar satellite observations to quantify the impact of clouds on the Greenland ice sheet.

Looking down on earth, knowing that remote sensing helps face worldwide challenges, is the ultimate motivation.

Kristof then joined the VITO Remote Sensing Agricultural Applications team in 2016, using remote sensing technologies for the mapping and monitoring of agriculture on local to global scales.

He synergises optical and radar (SAR) remote sensing using deep learning to improve crop monitoring from space, focusing on observations obscured by clouds. The framework of the research ranges from local Belgian agriculture studies, to projects supporting African farming practices, and the provision of more industry-oriented information.