Nick Gutkin

R&D Professional

Nick Gutkin is a data scientist who joined the VITO Remote Sensing team in 2022. He studied Sustainable Development and Ecology at KU Leuven, and has a keen interest in the application of remote sensing and GIS technologies to support sustainable agriculture, forestry, and biodiversity in natural ecosystems.


By bringing together our knowledge of both remote sensing and the natural sciences, we can use technology to maximise our positive impact on the world.

Nick is part of the MAPEO Phenotyping team, working on drone-based solutions for plant phenotyping for research and breeding. He is particularly focused on low-cost solutions utilising affordable drone models. He is also involved with various satellite-based projects and has extensive experience working with Copernicus satellite datasets in applications ranging from crop and forest classification to biomass monitoring. He brings together remote sensing from different altitudes to maximise the benefits of both earth observation and drone flights with regards to agricultural research. He is always interested in cooperating with other researchers to apply drone-based methods for the research of natural ecosystem distribution and dynamics, especially in the Global South.