Tim is an Earth Observation scientist with a passion for conservation. He obtained a BSc. In Environmental management at the Karel de Grote (KdG - Antwerp), a MSc. in Geoinformatics in Environmental Research at UTU (Finland); and a PhD. in Earth Observation at the BOKU (Austria) where he implemented machine learning, object-based classifiers and species distribution models on Copernicus data to determine the historic, current and future occurrence of invasive plant species in East Africa. He’s well-travelled and his research took him from the artic tundra to the Horn of Africa and the Amazon. Through his work, he collaborated with academia, governmental institutions and international organizations.

Unlocking the full potential of EO will help us to unravel complex processes and empower us to meet global challenges.

Tim worked as a researcher primarily on vegetation monitoring on topics such as tree species classification, plant vigour and crop type mapping and managed and procured on a number of ESA, JRC and H2020 funded projects with topics in agriculture, forestry, geology and risk assessment, SDG reporting, and Big data. Tim joined VITO in 2022 as a Project Manager, after returning from Ecuador working as a deforestation consultant for the FAO, and is tasked with managing ESA and H2020 projects.