Better classification for better decision making

Land Use and Land Cover (LULC), as well as its changes (LUCC) is a core information layer for a variety of applications. VITO Remote Sensing can provide you land cover classifications at global scale.

By merging remote sensing imagery with other ancillary data sources, we offer a highly automated, accurate and cost effective LULC and LUCC solution. We perform our classifications from global (100m) to regional (10m) scale, mapping the current land conditions to a series of land cover categories to help you in your decision making.

Our classification scheme follows the FAO Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) standard. It enables you to tailor the classification to your needs using cover fraction layers, and thus to support United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Indicators.

Use our classification results at different resolutions to improve your understanding of your land and its changes, solving questions like:

  • Which proportion of my land is forest ?
  • Are my protected area’s in danger ?
  • How much land is affected by desertifation, drought or floods ?
  • Do my plans for restoring degraded land pay off ?
  • How much land is used for agriculture ?