How much pressure does our planet endure and how can we minimize it? 

Land is an essential natural resource - for humanity and all terrestrial ecosystems. But while resources are strictly finite, human demands are not. Today, this leads to events such as deforestation, drought and the loss of wildlife .

Both public and private organizations play a crucial role in the preservation of our ecosystems, where understanding is the first step.

Applications in Vegetation

Sustainable land and ecosystem management needs spatio-temporal monitoring of phenological development and vegetation conditions. 

Innovative remote sensing technologies help you monitor large forest areas in a fraction of the time.

Mapping and monitoring biodiversity has been one of the main focal points over the past 20 years at VITO Remote Sensing.

By merging remote sensing imagery with other ancillary data sources, we offer a highly automated, accurate and cost effective LULC and LUCC solution. 

Technology and Data Products & Services Used

  • EO Data made easily accessible
  • Remote sensing for digital signal and image processing
  • The image processing chain
  • Our range of remote sensing cameras


Remote sensing generates enormous amounts of data. However, further image processing is needed to unlock the insights within.