Keep an aye on coastal & inland waters

The effects of pollution, erosion and climate change on coastal areas are closely gauged and monitored. The related water management, flood risk assessment and different aspects of coastal management rely on measurements and modelling practices that are often faced with complicated accessibility issues.

There are considerable benefits to using remote sensing in hydrology and water management of inland waters. As inland waters are used for purposes as diverse as fishing, water supply, transport and even waste disposal, the need for sustainable approaches to water management has risen.

We provide systematic, synoptic observations of satellites and drones to simplify your water quality and water management tasks to

  • provide historical and recent images
  • show spatial variation of suspended sediments
  • yield improved insights on top of point measurements

This ensures you can

  • easily track evolutions
  • get a clear understanding of current situations
  • use this input for forecasts

Check out our Remote Sensing for Water & Coast video