After graduating from KU Leuven with a degree in Bio-Engineering in 1999, Sindy Sterckx began as a Research Associate before taking a position as a Researcher in the VITO Remote Sensing Unit in 2001.

Sindy is specialised in the vicarious calibration of satellite data, atmospheric correction, hyperspectral data processing and the use of EO data for water-quality monitoring. 

A first step to achieve high quality output is to have high quality input data.

At present, Sindy is responsible for radiometrics at the Image Quality Center (IQC) of ESA’s PROBA-V satellite mission. She is involved in various working groups, including the CEOS WGCV IVOS WG and the IOCCG WG on atmospheric correction over turbid waters, the HyspIRI Aquatic Studies Group (HASG) and S3VT. She was recently appointed as a member of the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) in the Earth Sciences Panel.