Reap the ultimate harvest with remote sensing

Track the performance of trial plots, multiplication and production fields or orchards with great precision thanks to remote sensing technology. Automated information retrieval provides actionable insights that can improve production and dramatically reduce costs.

VITO Remote Sensing offers solutions that are designed to extract accurate information at high update rates. That way we support precision agriculture and environmental monitoring. Our applications use spectral data to analyze the slightest of changes in your vegetation. With VITO Remote Sensing as your partner, you can:

  • Keep an eye on performance
    Our new application mapEO delivers agrometrics in a safe, digital environment
  • React to diseases before it’s too late
    Analysis of plants’ reflectance helps you identify diseases before they become visible to the human eye
  • Make the right decision every time
    Good decisions are based on accurate information. Data on the number of blossoms, e.g., help you increase your yield

Technology Used

Remote sensing generates enormous amounts of data. However, further image processing is needed to unlock the insights within.
With tailor-made algorithms, workflows and hosting services, VITO provides the answer to your specific information needs.