Revolutionising and simplifying water quality monitoring

For optimal decision-making, you can supplement your research into coastal, inland and transitional waters with information specifically gathered for you. Following parameters you specify, we analyse and interpret images taken from satellites, airplanes and drones.

The results deliver insight into factors such as suspended sediment concentration and turbidity over time, indicating the origin, direction and extent of sediment plumes.



With these data you can

  • track historical trends
  • determine the effects of offshore and coastal activities

The images also provide information on aquatic vegetation and phytoplankton required for mapping the distribution of Chlorophyll-A or detecting the presence and extent of algae blooms, macrophytes and seagrass.

VITO Remote Sensing is actively helping government agencies, environmental consultancies, universities, dredging companies and others with their water quality monitoring projects by revolutionising and simplifying their water quality monitoring