Nieuwsbericht 26 October 2020

e-shape selects 5 new pilots

To foster the awareness of EU EO capabilities

During e-shape General Assembly, the onboarding process of 5 new pilots was successfully concluded.  These pilots were selected out of 34 applications from private entities, research institutes, and academia from all Europe and beyond.  The selected pilots follow the e-shape approach on showcasing added-value and on-the-edge services to foster the awareness of EU Earth Observation capabilities.

"This testifies the strong willingness of all these entities to cooperate and showcase the strengths and the tremendous contributions of Europe for and with users."

Emmanuel Pajot, EARSC Secretary General

The 5 new pilots are and are led by:

1. Riscognition GmBH: Linking EO and Farm IoT for Automated Decision Support (Showcase Agriculture)

2. NASU-SSAU: SDGs indicators assessment service (2.4.1 and 15.3.1) (Showcase Agriculture)

3. Water Insight B.V: EO based phytoplankton biomass for WFD reporting (Showcase Water)

4. Planetek: Rheticus® AquaculturePlus (Showcase Water)

5. DHI GRAS A/S: WindSight - First class input data for wind energy models (Showcase Energy)


e-shape (EuroGEO Showcases: Applications Powered by Europe) is a project coordinated by ARMINES, launched on May 2019. e-shape develops and promotes European Earth Observation capabilities with and for the users. 

At this moment e-shape is implementing and coordinating a comprehensive portfolio of 27 cloud-based pilot applications under 7 thematic areas.

With more than 20 years of experience and a team of remote sensing experts in agricultural monitoring, we’re happy to lead e-shape’s Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture showcase and contribute to 3 of the 4 pilots. 



1. The global level, GEOGLAM
In this pilot we support the GEOGLAM needs for within and across season quantitative measures to monitor crop condition at global scales. This pilot is lead by our team of expert in global agricultural monitoring.

2. The policy level, EU-CAP support
Led by NOA, here we target the improvement and development of services to support farmers within the policy framework of EU-CAPS

3. Food Security, Vegetation-Index Crop-Insurance in Ethiopia
The University of Twente is setting up a service for farmers in Ethiopia to provide them with an accurate and affordable insurance to protect their crops. This pilot is targeted towards food security.

4. Agro industry
Here we provide services at a more local scale, improving services in support of agro-industry companies to increase their productivity in a sustainable manner, taking into account climate change.

All these pilot services are combining Copernicus EO data with the necessary in-situ data, weather and soil data to offer improved information at global, national and local scale, exploiting the processing infrastructures offered by EU Copernicus DIAS.