Nieuwsbericht 25 June 2021

FLAXSENSE 2.0! Data science in flax cultivation

Inagro, ILVO and VITO develop monitoring tool for the flax sector

Within the VLAIO Flaxsense 2.0 project, the 'General Belgian Flax Association' (Algemeen Belgisch Vlasverbond), Inagro, ILVO and VITO Remote Sensing are joining forces to prepare the flax sector for a sustainable future.

After the potatoe sector, the flax industry is also ready to welcome new technologies such as remote sensing, big-data-analysis and AI into their daily operations, with the goals of more sustainable cultivation, increased efficiency and competitiveness.

By combining remote sensing techniques (objective, current satellite images, drone and meteorological data, AI, ...) with the state-of-the-art agricultural and practical knowledge of Inagro and ILVO, the existing flax growth model can be calibrated and validated. The future monitoring tool will provide accurate information about crop status, but also innovative cultivation insights, fast and accurate cultivation follow-up (prediction and prevention) and better yields. Flax growers will be able to manage their plots more efficiently, realize an increased yield per plot and have to use less crop protection products.

The monitoring tool will be available via the existing Watch-IT-grow web platform that can be expanded, thanks to the Flaxsense 2.0 LA project, to meet the specific needs and challenges of the flax sector.


Flax sector 2.0

Not only is the flax industry very valuable to Flanders as Flemish heritage, in recent years flax has also gained in importance because the natural flax fibers can be used as a functional raw material for innovative, often high-tech material applications.

The monitoring tool is being developed at the explicit request of and with the sector, that recognizes the growth potential of the tool, among other things thanks to the rejuvenation within the flax sector, which attaches great importance to risk spreading and sustainability.