Nieuwsbericht 14 June 2023

MOVIQ - Flemish project to research AI for space applications

MOVIQ: Mastering Onboard Vision & Intelligence




Mastering Onboard Vision and Intelligence, MOVIQ, will develop an onboard, autonomous, and intelligent remote sensing solution for rapid, in-orbit analyses for small satellites. By using artificial intelligence, satellites can become autonomous and therefore more efficient.
For example, they can 'learn' to identify certain parameters like whether they are flying over ground or over sea, they can detect changes in vegetation colors, and they can help fight forest fires by detecting them quickly and providing critical information to fight them.
The ultimate objective for MOVIQ is to be a flexible and extensible platform that can support a wide-range of remote sensing applications.

MOVIQ will conclude with a proof of concept in December 2024 and comprises of the following Flemish industrial and research collaborators: imec, Magics Technologies, OIP Space Instruments, Redwire Space, and VITO. To achieve the project's ambitions, these partners have committed €2.12M worth of research and development activities through a mixture of private financing and public funding from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) and Flanders Space.


The MOVIQ project seamlessly integrates our expertise in earth observation mission design, image processing, and cutting-edge AI applications. We are excited to contribute to the next generation of intelligent EO space missions, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this field.

Steven Krekels, Unit Manager VITO Remote Sensing


This project will be key in solving the challenges that have arisen with the rapid growth of capabilities in the field of Earth Observation, which include analyzing and transmitting the massive volumes of high-resolution imagery collected, and meeting the exigent demands for efficient and timely results from a wide range of sectors. To address these pressing challenges, advances in artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing and inter-satellite communication are expected to fundamentally change the way satellite missions and their operations are conceived.