Nieuwsbericht 14 August 2020

New high-resolution ocean colour marine service

New Copernicus high-resolution ocean color marine service

The Copernicus Marine Service recently announced the kick-off of a new high-resolution ocean colour marine service.

This new service will be based on Sentinel-2 satellite data and will produce Total Suspended Matter, Turbidity and Chlorophyll-a products for all 6 regional seas in Europe (Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, European North West Shelves, Iberian-Biscay-Irish seas, and the Arctic Ocean) over the coastal strip up to 20 km from the shore.

The products will be distributed operationally by early 2021!

At VITO Remote Sensing, we will focus on the iCOR atmospheric correction for Sentinel-2. The iCOR atmospheric correction is also available as a plugin for the SNAP toolbox. Recently we also participated in the ACIX-II atmospheric correction intercomparison exercise.

The consortium is led by Brockmann Consult GmbH (Germany) and includes the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS, Belgium) and VITO (Belgium) as partners.