Nieuwsbericht 27 October 2022

Opsdrone project: boosting drone-based services in agriculture

Demonstrating operational use-cases to speed up the uptake of drone technology

Despite their large potential, drone-based services are not yet sufficiently implemented in day-to-day operations by farmers and agrifood companies in Flanders.

Within the Opsdrone project - funded by the VLAIO COOCK program - VITO, ILVO and FlandersMake share their expertise on drones and agriculture with the sector to speed up the investments in the drone technology.
By diversifying the agrofood use-cases we ensure that technological solutions and business plans are tailored to a specific case.

Business cases & demonstration datasets

NEWS_Opsdrone project 2022 business cases


For each of the 5 business cases, following information is made available upon request:

  • Business case template: excel templates and examples to calculate the costs & benefits of a particular drone service for your business.
  • Demonstration dataset: a state-of-the-art demonstration dataset is collected & shared with interested target group companies. The demonstration data mainly serves to support the inspiration cases and to introduce target group companies to the drone services. 
    They represent the current state of the art well and show the potential of the drone images. The datasets are hosted on MAPEO, a drone image processing platform developed by VITO Remote Sensing.
  • Functional workflow: this includes steps in data acquisition, data processing, AI and analytics, reporting and integration, legal and privacy implementation.
  • Technical building blocks: technical report on 5 innovative technical building blocks developed within the project (available in 2024).
  • Presentations of all workshops.

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Workshops & network-events

During a multitude of workshops and network-events, the Opsdrone project wants to

  • Inspire business to invest in drone technology for the agrofood sector
  • Share knowledge on important technical building blocks
  • Connect the complete ecosystem of businesses, organizations and government which have common interest in the sector and technology

A brief overview:


NEWS_Opsdrone project 2022 events


Individual coaching

Do you want to expand your current drone services to new markets or are you looking for information about the added value of drones? This individual coaching approach will certainly interest you!
In many sectors drones are already taking a further step in the digitization of assets and decisions. Is your company into this digital drone gear?

With the support of VLAIO, VITO Remote Sensing offers Flemish SME's individual coaching to shape a new drone project!

Our procedure:

  • Intake interview: we'll discuss expectations & which application domain you would like to take a closer look at to research
  • We go out together to use our (or your) drone for a specific application and involve you in all steps of the workflow (planning - drone flight - processing of the images - reporting)
  • Evaluation
    • Technical aspect of the applications bundled in a functional workflow scheme
    • Economic aspect using a business case template
    • Definition of customers/partners/subsidy channels to shape your idea