Nieuwsbericht 26 May 2023

OpsDrone workshop: Use of PhaseOne 100MP drone camera for plant phenotyping



To what extent is high resolution (<=1mm) drone imagery relevant for agricultural applications?
Well, it depends.

In case you're interested in analysing the field heterogeneity, a multispectral drone flight (or a satellite image for that matter) is probably to date the best available technique to scan the complete field and detect particular zones with low performance. These performance issues can be related to a particular disease, a nutrient deficiency, bad seed quality, etc. In case you want to pinpoint the exact problem, you'll need boots on the ground OR... super high resolution RGB drone imagery. When the images are detailed enough for any expert to identify a particular issue or feature, it can also be trained for and applied by an automated AI model. So the quest for high resolution imagery for outdoor experimental fields begins!

Within the VLAIO-funded OpsDrone project, in the 2022 growing season, we investigated the use and benefits of the PhaseOne IXM 100MP camera for 3 agricultural/phenotyping applications which rely on (sub)mm resolution: wheat ear detection, disease detection in sugar beet and emergence count in lettuce.

Now, we would like to welcome you at the AgroIncubator site of VIB in Ghent, a place with a large history and bright future for plant sciences - for a demonstration and discussion on the use of high resolution drone imagery and AI for agricultural applications.

We welcome you!

DATE: 21/06/2023

LOCATION: Agro-Incubator 


9h30 Join us for coffee!


  • Welcome to Agro-Incubator (VIB)
  • HYDRAS - High-throughput above and below ground phenotyping for future crops in a realistic production environment (ILVO)
  • PhaseOne IXM 100MP camera: technical details and integration (VITO)
  • Results of the 2022 field campaign (sugar beet, wheat and spinach use-cases) (VITO)
12h00 Lunch


  • Demonstration flight with the PhaseOne 100 MP camera
  • Guided Tour phenotyping facilities at Agro-incubator
15h00 Networking
16h00 End


The number of participants is limited (35 persons). So register quickly.
We're looking forward to meeting you!