MAPEO is an end-to-end platform for drone-based image processing and analytics. MAPEO is a cost-effective solution to offer you a set of smart and easy to use image processing tools.


High-quality and automated image processing

MAPEO is a drone based high-throughput phenotyping solution for research and breeding.  MAPEO provides set of image processing tools to create a digital twin of your area of interest. This gives plant breeders, researchers and agricultural field managers a more complete and objective view on experimental field trials of any size. Discover more about MAPEO to get better and faster insights in your field trials.

Create high-quality information products

MAPEO is an end-to-end online platform. After creating a personal account you can easily use all available tools and services to create several trait measurements at critical times during the growing season.

  • Orthomosaic, digital elevation model
  • Height
  • Lodging
  • Leaf cover
  • Vegetation indices
  • Flowering intensity
  • Growth curves Emergence
  • Early vigo
  • Stand count
  • Leaf angle
  • Organ / fruit count
  • Flower count
  • Disease detection

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