A more efficient approach to coastal management

Due to their dynamic nature, coastal environments demand close monitoring at all times. Clear, easily accessible and accurate information is needed more than ever. Human activities, pollution and global climate change are increasing pressure on an already fragile environment

Our coastal management offerings are

  • real-time images
    and a library of data covering the past 15 years
  • with optimal accessibility
    just a few mouse clicks away
  • for dedicated monitoring services
    for coastal management as a whole
  • and monitoring the coastal environment
    intertidal and coastal vegetation, transitional and coastal waters, beaches

Our products have been successfully used in areas of coastal management, such as:

  • coastline evolution monitoring
  • mapping of coastal vegetation — health, species, area covered
  • volume estimation of beach erosion and deposition
  • bathymetry in clear, shallow waters
Coastal management decision support

Depending on your specific needs, VITO Remote Sensing offers images with different levels of spatial detail. It gives you access to accurate data in no time, and visualisations that deliver clear insights. You also have access to:

  • time series analyses
  • external data combinations
  • GIS integration