Improved planning and development with remote sensing data

Roads, bridges, tunnels, waterways, ditch systems, dikes, sluices, coastal dunes, sewer systems, buildings, power lines, wind turbines, PV installations… In order to keep the engine of economic activities running smoothly, maintenance is critical.

Infrastructure maintenance requires recurrent inspection. Remote sensing is ideal for this task without stopping traffic. You get

  • recorded data at every scale
    local, regional, national, continental and global
  • encompassing spatial information
    acquired by satellite platforms, planes, drones, cars, boats and tripods
  • highly diverse visual representation
    with RGB photo or video cameras, multispectral or hyperspectral scanners, LiDAR, sonar and SAR scanners

That is exactly how it can support infrastructural development as well. To make sure it is well integrated in the environment, remote sensing data can assist you in better designing corridors for power lines, or improving long-term forecast modelling of land-use scenarios.

Geomatics for infrastructure management and planning

The umbrella term ‘geomatics’ covers critical spatial information used for infrastructure management and infrastructure planning. Looking for ways to integrate data acquisition, spatiotemporal databases, processing and hosting services into your business processes? We have the hands-on operational and R&D experience to guide you in adopting geomatics successfully. 

Applications in Urban and Infrastructure Management

Waterway, coastline or road structure – with VITO Remote Sensing, you get a comprehensive view of the terrain at your desk.

We believe buildings are data. Starting from standard high-resolution pictures, we extract relevant building properties and socio-economic indicators. 

Wind turbines, PV installations, high voltage power lines, … we provide the image processing tools to efficiently inspect and maintain this critical infrastructure

Technology and Data Products & Services Used

  • EO Data made easily accessible
  • Remote sensing for digital signal and image processing
  • The image processing chain

Every day, VITO Remote Sensing processes a wide range of satellite images, ranging from low to very high resolution optical missions, all with their own specifications.
This mission continues the SPOT-VEGETATION mission with improved resolution.

With a wide set of applications and (web)services, we make sure remote sensing data are delivered as valuable, useful information in exactly the way you need them.
Image analysis, image quality, web services.....

Remote sensing generates enormous amounts of data. However, further image processing is needed to unlock the insights within.
With tailor-made algorithms, workflows and hosting services, VITO provides the answer to your specific information needs.