Nieuwsbericht 11 June 2020

NextLand - EO services for agriculture and forestry

Next generation land management services for agriculture and forestry

The beginning of June the new H2020 project NextLand, short for next generation land management services for agriculture and forestry, was officially kicked off.

NextLand will develop 15 innovative and operational services to strengthen the entire value chain of the agricultural and forestry sector. These commercial midstream EO based services will be offered  under a common service delivery platform.

Together with Earth observation service providers DEIMOS, project coordinator of NextLand, DHI GRAS, Vandersat and Terradue, we will focus on 15 thematic services and show how these can be used through 7 different scenarios:

  • Support to irrigation
  • Crop planning optimization 
  • Early stress / anomaly identification
  • Deforestation & illegal logging
  • Forest growth 
  • Fire impact & risk assessment
  • Forest health

These services will support service providers, associations, collective entities and public authorities to extend their service portfolio, increase the value of their service and access more and well-founded information. Agricultural and forestry companies can improve their production targets, decrease their costs or improve the quality of their outputs.

These commercial services, based on Copernicus and GEOSS data, will be offered under a common service platform and will co-designed with and for users active in the agricultural and forestry sector. SoilEssentials, Soil Service of Belgium, S&T, CERTH and EFI, leading companies and organizations in these sectors, will support us by defining service requirements and providing feedback on the developed services. NOVA, a leading European Business School, will be responsible for designing and implementing the go-to-market, sales and sustainability strategies for NextLand.

Within VITO we will focus on 7 midstream services. A dedicated and specialized team of data scientists and remote sensing experts in global and local agricultural monitoring will be responsible for:

  • the development of the services
  • guidance of the co-design of the agricultural user scenarios 
  • setup necessary outreach to keep our stakeholders informed 

The first version of the services will be available in spring 2021

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