Nieuwsbericht 8 January 2021

Remote Sensing: a cascade of applications for innovative authorities

In 2021’s first edition of VITO VISION, Jo Van Valckenborgh (Informatie Vlaanderen), Jurgen Everaerts (VITO) and Jan Biesemans (VITO) discuss how remote sensing is used for various policy areas, in Flanders, in Belgium and at EU level.

Examples are the Terrascope platform, the WaterMonitor and WatchITgrow. These already show that the high temporal resolution of the European Copernicus satellite constellation is an important asset. Users need derived information that is easily accessible from that, to objectify their processes and validate regional policy.

Ambitious policy instruments such as the Green Deal and the Digital Twin of the Earth all place great emphasis on using remote sensing data such as the Copernicus data.

Jo Van Valckenborgh - programme manager, Informatie Vlaanderen


Successful remote sensing applications already involve much more than just monitoring. They just need to be developed and used within the right framework.
Future and objective advice is just ‘around the corner’.