Nieuwsbericht 14 January 2021

Use ESA's Network of Resources (NoR) & Get your services funded

Simply order data, infrastructure and services

Since 2020 VITO Remote Sensing is a service provider in ESA’s Network of Resources (NoR). The Network of Resources is a customer-centric, open network of EO applications bringing together European Earth observation Resources for data, software, applications and IT services.

Combining exploitation and processing platforms, the NoR supports users in procuring services and outsourcing requirements while increasing integration of EO data and information for broader scientific, social, and economic purposes. Usage of these resources shall accelerate the achievement of scientific goals and the sharing of the results.

Within the EO Resource Tier Layer of NoR, VITO provides:

  • Hadoop processing environment to upscale large datasets and make large processing jobs more efficient
  • OpenStack private cloud environment, to request and use a virtual research environment 
  • Shared block storage for your monthly virtual machines 
  • Long Term Tape Storage for additional storage on tape connected to the VITO platform.

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Get your services easily funded

The NoR initiative provides sponsorship for projects facilitated by the EO Resource Tier Layer and the Front-end Platform Service Layer as well.

The EO Resource Tier Layer consists of cloud infrastructures with collocated data and provides the ‘back-end’ functionality where users can host their tools, algorithms and services.
After easily submitting  the application form, ESA steps in and remunerates successful applicants with a voucher for the selected services, allowing free-at-point-of-use consumption for research, product development and up to pre-commercial demonstration. Click here for more information & procedure.