Nieuwsbericht 18 July 2018

WatchITgrow releases new features!

Improved monitoring of arable crops and vegetables to increase yields

WatchITgrow, the web application for potato monitoring in Belgium, already introduced a number of extra features earlier this year. After the launch of the shadow map which shows the farmer the sunny and shaded parts of the field, we now present another range of new features.

As such WatchITgrow aims to contribute to the improved monitoring of arable crops and vegetables, in view of increasing yields in a sustainable way, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

A brief overview of the new features:

  • Besides potatoes you can now also monitor other crops: arable crops (maize, sugar beets, wheat,…) as well as vegetables (peas, beans, spinach, carrots,…)
  • For fields located in Flanders you can get an overview of the main crops grown on the field since 2010 via the field history
  • The field sheet is further extended. You can now register more data w.r.t. fertilization, crop protection, irrigation, development stages and harvest,  largely in line with Vegaplan, GlobalG.A.P,… standards
  • You can easily export the information from the field sheet to a PDF report
  • The greenness curve of your field is now compared with the regional greenness curve
  • For potatoes a reference curve is available as well as the estimated development stage
  • Based on the deviation of the greenness w.r.t. the reference, fields can easily be ranked
  • Only cloud free satellite images are shown thanks to improved filtering

Discover the online tool and its new features at or contact us at  if you wish to receive more detailed information.