A high-quality calibration-as-a-service solution to calibrate optical earth observation sensors on small satellites


Calibrating smallsat sensor data for improved and accurate EO data quality

CalibrEO is a high-quality calibration-as-a-service solution intended to calibrate optical Earth Observation sensors on small satellites ranging from pushbroom to frame imaging sensors.

The development of Small Earth Observation (EO) satellites opens up enormous possibilities for the generation of usable EO data. For this data to be fully trusted and abandonly be up taken by users, it must be of good quality. Ensuring a high quality is challenging as it requires advanced calibration techniques both geometrically and radiometrically. Not only quality but also cross-consistency across several EO mission is highly desired to overcome limitations in satellite revisits and cloud coverage.

CalibrEO allows you to calibrate optical earth observing instruments from small satellites. This calibration-as-a-service solution can be used over multiple missions which allows you to stop building custom-made calibration systems for each mission at considerable cost.


CalibrEO service packages reduce costs and speed time to market

CalibrEO builds on state-of the art vicarious calibration methods, which have proven to be successful in multiple missions (PROBA-V, HyperScout, etc.). Apart from well-known methods like desert calibration, it supports lunar calibration, a technique which is very well suited for small satellites. It also provides a wide range of geometric calibration solutions (e.g, bundle adjustment techniques, RPC refinements, interior and exterior parameters optimisation) applicable for a large variety of sensors and imaging concepts.

CalibrEO is a modular system continuously updated with new methods and tools to remain performant. It can be tailored to your specific mission needs, but it also comes in three pre-defined packages that cover the most common use cases. CalibrEO Cal/Val services enable companies to reduce operating costs, speed time to market and increase the value of their products by providing reliable and accurate calibration services.


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